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Who’s That Girl

Ketegori : International Film 2011


One mistake leads to unexpected romance. Elizabeth Pedrosa (Anne Curtis) is utterly smitten with a hunk of a guy named John Edugue (Luis Manzano). But she can only love him from afar as she is an absolute wallflower. Surprisingly, John approaches her and gives her encouragement at a time she needs it most. That becomes life-changing for Elizabeth. her stunning beauty and confidence come out and she succeeds in her career. So when she reads John’s name in the obituary, grief strikes her. She goes to the wake in hysterics only to find out that the deceased is John Eduque Sr., John’s father. Realizing her mistake, Elizabeth leaves in a rush, oblivious to the harm she has caused. Mrs. Eduque (Eugene Domingo) concludes that her late husband has been unfaithful, making her succumb to depression. Seeing his mother’s misery, John vows to look for Elizabeth and take revenge. But more conflicts arise as he falls in love with her.

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